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Analisis Kemampuan Kognitif Mahasiswa pada Konsep Asam-Basa Menggunakan Tes Berdasarkan Taksonomi Bloom Revisi

Abstract: Concept of acid-base is one concept that has characteristics abstract concept with concrete example.
To understanding of these concepts requires knowledge of factual, conceptual, procedural, and Meta-cognitive dimension and also cognitive processes with applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating. Through a descriptive study to analyze the cognitive ability of students to determine how student can solve chemical problems used test based on Bloom's taxonomy revision. This study aims to analyze the cognitive abilities of students on the dimensions of knowledge and processes about acid-base concept. Subjects were 39 students of chemistry education UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. Based on the results show that students abilities of conceptual knowledge reaches the highest percentage of 80% conceptual, 63% procedural, and Meta-cognitive 70%. While the cognitive processes 85% applying, 79% analyzing, 77% evaluating, and 34% creating.

Keywords: Cognitive skill, Acid-Base, Bloom's Taxonomy Revision.

Euis Nursa'adah, Devi Kurniawati, Yunita Yunita

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