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Analisis Kemampuan Awal Multi Level Representasi Mahasiswa Tingkat I pada Konsep Reaksi Redoks

Abstract: Analysis of students’ initial ability before teaching the chemistry concept are very important to determine the correct techniques in learning concept.
The objectives of this study was to identify the first year students’ initial ability to describe and explain redox reactions concept using macroscopic, submicroscopic and symbolic representation. This study applies pre-experimental research design involving a group of subjects. The diagnostic instrument consists of 15 items two-tier multiple choice and 2 items essay. Data were analyzed descriptively by tabulating students’ answers of each question. The results showed that the first year students’ initial understanding to the redox reactions concept was very low. Students have not been able to describe and explain the observed redox reactions (macroscopic) in terms of the atoms, molecules and ions that were involved in the reactions. This results also indicated the first year students’ symbolic and microscopic understanding very limited and only 2.9 % of students were able to make the connection between macroscopic observations, symbolic and submicroscopic representation .

Keywords:  Initial ability, Redox reaction, Multiple levels of representation.

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