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OWLS-CSM: A Service Profile Based Similarity Framework for Web Service Discovery

Abstract: This paper presents OWLS-CSM framework, an OWL-S Service Profile based simlairity framework for web service discovery in cloud environment. In the proposed framework, services arepresented as advertisements; their concepts are semantically defined and described in a hierarchalontology to facilitate service matchmaking. In matchmaking process advertisements and query arerepresented as objects and three levels of similarities are used, based on OWL-S Service Profile, to matching, namely taxonomical similarity, functional similarity and non-functional similarity. Milestone method is adopted in the matchmaking algorithm to match the concepts according to their position in the hierarchal ontology. The results obtained from OWLS-CSM are analyzed and compared with other similar works to prove and evaluate the efficiency of our work.

Keywords: web service discovery, subsumption hierarchy, OWL-S service profile, taxonomical similarity, milestone.

Naji Hasan A. H

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