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I-invertebrata as an android-based learning media for molluscs, arthropods, and echinoderms identification and its influence on students’ motivation

ABSTRACT : In Zoology course, students often have difficulty to identify several invertebrates. Android-based learning media is currently an alternative way of solving some problems during the learning process. Therefore, android-based learning media that assist students to identify invertebrates was developed in this study. This research method used to research and development model (R&D) developed by Borg and Gall (1983) that consisting 10 steps, that are research and data collection; planning the educational product; developing the product's preliminary form; initial field testing; the first revision of main product; main field testing; operational product revision; operational field testing; final product revision; and dissemination. The validation results from the material expert I, material expert II, and media experts were 96.6%; 94.3%; and 94.7%, respectively. That results concluded I-Invertebrata was feasible for use in learning but requires minor revision. Furthermore, the results of quasi-experimental research that was analyzed by using analysis of covariance test showed the learning motivation of students who use I Invertebrata is significantly higher than students who do not use I-Invertebrata.

Keywords: I-Invertebrata, Invertebrate Zoology, learning motivation.

AT Widiansyah, SE Indriwati, Munzil Munzil, Ahmad Fauzi

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